Amit Karmakar

Bagdogra, West Bengal, India CEO of Softgemi Corporation.

CEO of Softgemi Corporation Director of Gemini Group of Institution Super Star Web Developer ( As Per W3C School Directory) Contributor of Worldwide Web Consortium Creative Director - King of Image INC Professional Ad-Film Maker & Videographer Mega Website & Application Developer Sharp Shooter by Passion ( A348 Rifle) Nominated for Power 30 Under 30 Prestigious Award - 2011 ( Young Entrepreneur Award for 2009, by Sunday Times. The Deeds memorial medal for the paper titled "Expert System for Education System Management" published in the World Academic Journal, Vol. 21, and February 2009. Author of "Secrets to Better Life - Softgemi Press" Author of "Outsourcing – The Road to Economy - Softgemi Press" Patents Registered - An integrated e-commerce cross platform system to run online mega shopping mall on system independent platform, Filed in India. Also filed in USA, UK, EU, China, Japan, Singapore, and Hongkong. An integrated content management system and A method for running backend based database Supported education management system filed in India. Also filed in USA, EU, China, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong. Embedded online automated shopping mall with integrated payment gateway. Highest Windows Breaker in Village Cricket - Perhaps The Reason For Not Selecting Cricket As Career. Passion For Fast & Swing Bowling.I believe to define yourself is to limit yourself. Without labels you remain the infinite being. But being, Amit Karmakar "A heart not just made with myocardium, superior-inferior vena cava but also feelings that flow", I am lucky enough to have you reading about me. Well what I can say about me. I always try to work with perfection or at least try until which cannot be improved. About my believes, I believe in math, stat, directions, constants, theories, mouse clicks, doomsday, reunite, calculators, ticks, tricks, apples, moral, candles, iron, diamond, xenon, rockets, paintbrush, physics, outlaws, remote flights and most importantly in true love & eternal friendship.I like to make true friends hard to be found actually & get hurt although I am kind of guy who never expose it to you and believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest. I work hard, blame less, and Think myself quite smart & intelligent & handsome also, quite a rare combination with innocent heart. What I love, I do. I am kind of caring person; well wishers say a lovely guy. Thanks to them. Although full of attitude, but very childish. One feature of me I find am sometimes pessimist first, but once engaged the winner. To me I can play bad also because loosing word is not in my dictionary and that’s not the option of me I find. I never competitors win over me & play bad to the bad being. I believe winning is not everything but the only thing if that is the thing you truly amire. I never want to live the life of an orphan. From my childhood I have challenged myself to the fullest to defeat me and still doing that. In this course I don't know why sometimes I feel sorrow for those who felt bad for me. It feels bitter. But life goes. I approach what I like, what I want to have & what I feel very close to me. I am quite a sensitive person, like philosophy I think, but always ignore that. I am fast, swift, and avid as I believe I know who search for black pearl must dive into the deepest ocean. I find me a near to a complete man with desire not under the cover to be concealed with causes but for need of love and likeness a symbol of a very strong man with high self esteem & self-will. I wish god know me. But in short I have learn from people to only make friends of your same thinking status. I really feel pity, whenever I recognize a bitter truth of the world as it is very beautiful & colorful but all colors are borrowed from others. Now I understand the difference between love & attraction and sometimes feel sad when remember those persons who actually were mine, but could not hold or understand them just because the world don't want it to happen. " I always hear the line in the movie Gladiator where the master says to Maximus that if he really wants to defeat the King, get rid of slavery, he must have to win the heart of the coliseum. Defeating the king is not the answer and I mean it.

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