Amit Mehta

Andhra pradesh working with a software firm

Hey people!!!Visit my website I,just want to help all and spread spirituality...Scrap me your query or any spiritual help you need,and then i will surely give you help.********PROMISE********Spiritual help...from COMPANION OF GOD,a nice book^The Important Thing^Hey People!!!Please Listen...I have seen many people fighting,,,that they are from this religion,this caste,this commmunity,this country,,,I want to ask does it matters..For Eg:We are given with different names,does this means that the person with this name is superior to the one with that name..No,right...This is only to differentiate our identities...Just like that...Some people years ago,given name to different masses of body as India,Australia,America and so on...Then people living there differentiated people in groups(the cause of conflict).But these all names,only names does n't mean that one is superior to other...No NOT AT ALL.Just see yourselves and people around you as souls.It will be simple and easier ,I think,Then No Fighting,No Proudness,Nothing like that.Because God Created us giving all of us a Common name SOUL,Because he never differentiates,Then WHY are we hurting him by doing these type of things,Please Understand,These things wont help us...If we are born in India,Then it only mean that we are born on earth,a place is needed,so This piece of land for us.Not India,BUT A PART OF EARTH...***************************OCD Help Forum Good Deeds At Present For A Better Future***************************