Brionna Love

Murfreesboro, TN Photographer for Brionna Lynn Photography. Check me out :)

☆There are only 2 defining forces that have ever offered to die for you: Jesus Christ and The American Soldier. One died for your soul and the other for your freedom☆.♥-ᏰR€€Brionna Lynn.God is bigger than you and me. Don't forget it. True blonde.Never confrontational, only cordial.My friends hold my tiny world together, and I love them for it. I don't accept favors that aren't sincere.Thanks anyway. I fell in love with a man not only I wanted but needed.Simplistic. I need few things to get by.You thought you had me figured out? Never.I'm the only person in control of my wants and needs. Too social for my own well-being. I'm a busy person, with morals and deadlines.If you can't be patient with it, no hard feelings.I’m creative. I design every day. Be committed to something you enjoy.My Advice. Never follow others. Follow your heart and listen to God. The two will meet somewhere you would have never found yourself. "Despite all you have done, I will be kind to you again; You will cover your mouth in silence and in shame when I forgive you all that you have done." -Ezekiel 16:63-