Christian Anderl

vienna Photographer & Filmmaker

I´m a photographer and filmmaker based in Vienna/Austria. From 2000 until 2009 my main job was host at austrias biggest radiostation - ö3 - which i still do once a week. Before i did that i buildt houses at an architect´s office, ok i was planning them,  if i buildt them they wouldn´t exist anymore. And i´m a educated cook, but i only worked in a big kitchen for one year, since then cooking is for me, girls and friends.I always had this crazy passion for photography, which is why i sleep to less most of the time, there is too much things to do, to learn and to share with others. I own too many guitars for my playing skills, my dog is my mentor when it comes to chill and relax training and my bikes keep me from fozzilizing in front of my mac editing film or photos.In case you want to hire me shooting the Black Keys, Foo Fighters or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe you won´t have to pay. Maybe.After reading this, still want to see some of my work?CHRISTIAN ANDERL | PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMWant to book me from wherever on this planet? Get in touch with my representation at wonderfulmachine.comP.S. Yes, i love travelling, you can book me and put me on a plane whenever you want ;-)