David Sanger

San Francisco Bay Area, CA Photographer

photographer traveler flier rockclimber gadgeter creative wonderer wanderer macchap nikonistaFor the last twenty years I have made my living as a travel photographer, going places and photographing for magazines, books and now primarily stock photography. In addition to the travel work I photograph for corporate, shipping and non-profit clients including Bank of America, Exxon, the National Park Service, Clorox and Interorient.I am a current member of ASMP SATW and BATW and also past-president and board member of the Stock Artists Alliance representing stock photographers worldwide.You can find my images and license them at Getty Images and Alamy Images as well PhotoshelterMy website and blog are at davidsanger.comYou can also find me on Facebook at fb.com/davidsanger and fb.com/davidsangerphotographyand on Twitter at twitter.com/davidsangerand on Instagram at instagram.com/davidsanger