Dr Michael RUBINO

Pleasant Hill

Dr Michael Rubino has always been interested in helping people and it was also something he was taught by his family and the Christian Brothers. He well respected in the community as a therapist and a person. Dr. Michael Rubino is one of the few therapists who woks with children and teens. Many therapists feel children and teens are too much work, but Dr. Rubino enjoys working with children and teens.  He enjoys the challenge. Dr. Michael Rubino has worked very hard to give back to our community. He has seen hundreds of foster children over the years & also sees people for free. Furthermore, Dr. Michael Rubibo helped kept New Directions counseling center open an additional ten years with his efforts of educating people about mental health. Dr Michael Rubino donates to several charities dealing with children too.  Dr Rubino is involved in the community by working with local schools and Police departments. He has been a member of several committees regarding children and domestic violence for the Concord Police Department. Dr. Michael Rubino has appeared on national and local television and radio shows discussing psychotherapy for teenagers and educating the public the need for therapy and trying to end the negative stereotype associated with therapy and mental illness.