Jennifer Jennings-Janson

Fallston, Maryland Stay At Home Mom

My Story Hi, I'm Jen. I am from Maryland. I have been creative all my life. I am the kind of person that sees something way to expensive to buy so I go and make it myself. I was interested in art from a very young age. Took classes all through school. I was always been a jack of all trades. I can pretty much design and build anything....if I had the money. I never was a good student except for art class. In my 20's I was a Kitchen Designer but got very board of the same thing over and over. After a few years I got into rehabbing/flipping houses full time with my husband. Once the Market fell I had to find something else to do. I ended up getting pregnant with twin boys so the decision on a career was made up for me. A few years later I had a little girl. The moment I found out I was having a girl my creative juices started flowing. I broke out the dusty sewing machine and started sewing. Sewing is a skill that I picked up on my own as I was growing up. I sew anything from children clothes, handbags to home decor. I also dabble in making hair bows and jewelry. I just can't stick to one thing. I love to make custom pieces on request. Email me if your interested. Happy Crafting!!!!