Jenny Morales

Ponce, Puerto Rico Promote Indie Artists, Song Co-Writer Social Bug

My name is Jenny Morales,  I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, lived in New York most of my life....also called "The Queen of Promo" by Michael Bell  the CEO of Rtist Promotions, Bell Time Records, He says I'M definitely moving up in the world of Music & Artist Promotions. If anybody knows how to promote Independent Artists and their music on the hot Blog Spots, Google , Communities, Social Sites, MySpace, Face book, Twitter etc....Jenny Morales, "The Queen of Promo" does.  says Michael, He says I am  the heart and face of rtistpromotions, I am  a very and dedicate hard worker I don' believe in leaving out any Possibilities. When it comes down to promoting the Artists and their Music,I am  relentless! Whatever outlets that are available to the clients of Rtist Promotions, (within their provided budget of course), I  will surely pursue it, and without doubt accomplish their goals I believe that Indie  Artists deserve the best promo and no stopping how too get it for them, cause the money and the contacts are not as equal for them as for Major artists! so I go after my prey for them..LOL Also one of the Indie artist is my daugther Jelixa, The My Beta Music artist:} Another artist is a Gospel artist Dr. Allean Varnado Lang. Also I Co Write songs for my daughter and for any artist who need songs with Michael Bell Manager and Label my daughter is on.I am now in Fort worth Texas.

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