Jerome Tepps

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351, United States Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If you are worrying about your home and fear that foreclosure is knocking on your door, you need moral support, and most importantly, someone to stand by your side and fight for your home. Jerome Tepps is that someone who is ready to fortify your case to defend you. At the Law Offices of Jerome L. Tepps, P.A., you will find an outgoing law firm that will come to you to listen and to plan. Jerome L. Tepps is prepared to help you defend a foreclosure lawsuit against you. He has been an attorney for 30 years and served as a Broward County Magistrate for 12 years. He is available to defend the foreclosure or assist in a modification. If you are interested in discussing the many ways that Tepps may be able to help you, please call toll free at 800-509-8056 to set up an appointment, or call 954-956-0004 to get in touch with the main Sunrise office. Jerome’s schedule is extremely flexible. He has appointments available seven days a week, including evening appointments in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, Coral Gables, and Hollywood. If you cannot come to one of Tepps’s law offices then one of the staff members will gladly come to you. Jerome Tepps is the only lawyer in the law office who will be responsible for your legal representation. Don’t be frightened; you do have legal rights. Your first meeting is free, and even if you do not hire The Law Office of Jerome L. Tepps as your attorney, you may still leave with valuable advice. Do not let anyone take a big part of your life away from you. You have a right to represent your case and be heard. The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm you. If you home is already in foreclosure, DO NOT DELAY!  Talk with an attorney as soon as possible.  You may be at a tremendous disadvantage until you have your own attorney that knows the process and can protect your interests. If your home is not yet in foreclosure, though, talk with your lender directly about a lower payment or loan modification.  Remember, negotiations for a loan modification or short sale will not stop or suspend any foreclosure lawsuit.  

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