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_________________________________________________Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) __________________________________________________ABOUT PROFESSOR DOCTOR MR JOSEPH CHIKELUE OBISOURCE : Joseph Chikelue Obi is (Undisputedly) the Most Controversial Medical Doctor in Modern Clinical History.Since Historical Regulatory Records began , No other (Fully Qualified and Statutorily Licensed) Physician , Anywhere in the World , has Formidably Taken On the Global Orthodox Healthcare Establishment with such Flamboyance , Style , Craftiness , Wisdom , Competence , Diplomacy and Fortitude.As far as Many Top (Corporate) Directors (and Presidents) in the Alternative Medicine Industry are concered , Joseph Chikelue Obi is the 'Go To' Guy for Innovative Health Care Devices , New Age Treatments , Accelerated Profesional Training , Upcoming Natural Remedies and Online (Internet-Based) Product Placements.Professor Joseph Obi has a Very Simple Marketing Strategy : He Knows how to Cheekily Press the Buttons of Millions (and Millions) of (Ardent) Science Based Medicine (SBM) Enthusiasts , for his Ultimate Political Benefit. The Strategy always works (Every Blessed Time) , as These (Empty-Headed) Scientists then (All) Eagerly Rush (En Masse) to Gleefully Wreck his Search Results via their Naughty Little Contacts at the UK Branch of Google (in London) , while (of Course) The (Exceedingly) Cunning Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is Busy Somewhere Else (on the Other Side of the World Altogether) , Quietly (and Efficiantly) Delivering the Goods.Believe It or Not , the Amazing Dr Obi has seen (and done) it all : Firebrand Human Rights Activist , Witty Celebrity Cartoonist , Interfaith Bishop , Prolific Writer , Top Black Politician , Cheeky Blogger , Leading Campaigner against Institutional Racism , Internet Sensation , Online Entrepreneur , Actor , Musician , Fashionista , Author , Clinician , Charitable Donor , Emergency Volunteer  etc.Joseph Obi currently serves as Professor-in-Chief of the Alternative Medicine Campaign ; and one of his Key Projects involves bringing Adequate Global Recognition to African Traditional Medicine (ATM) , in such a manner as to place it on a Similar (International) Professional Status as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over the past Few Decades , Professor Obi has Attracted Worldwide Attention , for Boldly Unleashing (what he refers to as) the 5 Great Diktats Of Medicine (See Below) :When Diplomatically Asked by a Sexy Male Tabloid Journalist about Countless Many Secrets which are Allegedly Lurking in his Background ,  an Exasperated Dr Joseph Obi is reputed to have Flirtaciously Fluttered His Eyes and Curtly Replied : " . . . Now Look Here , Sweetie-Pie . . . State Prosecutors found No Skeletons Whatsoever in my Gorgeous Closet . . . Only Lots (and Lots) of Fabulous Hats . . ."However , one Very Senior Member of the (Non-Medical) Science Based Medicine (FBM) Fraternity was not so Diplomatic when Mobilizing over a Hundred Thousand Bloggers against Him , Proclaiming : " . . . Joseph Chikelue Obi is the Most Dangerous Medical Doctor on the Planet . . . His (Highly Contagious) Gospel of Art Based Medicine (ABM) is Complete and Utter Quackery . . . He is an Unscrupulous , Self-Serving , Emeritus Honorary Visiting Professor of Nothing But (Evidence-Based) Quack Medicine . . . Obi Must Be Stopped Immediately . . . Chikelue Must Be Destroyed at All Possible Costs . . . By Any Means Necessary . . . Even if it entails Bribing Google Staff (in London) to Do Our Dirty Work For Us . . ." The Public Profile of Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is currently tethered at  The Main Website of Joseph Obi is presently located at www.ProfessorObi.comWhen Not Engaging himself in (Career-Ending) Medical Politics , Doctor Joseph obi Unashamedly Peddles His Witty (Little) Wares as a Celebrity Cartoonist with The Perez Kardashian Blog.*          *         *          *          *THE 5 GREAT DIKTATS OF MEDICINE( All Rights Reserved : Professor Doctor Mr Joseph Chikelue Obi )* There is No Such Thing as Science Based Medicine in any Basic Statutory Definition of Orthodox Clinical Medicine ; anywhere in the World .* Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Predominantly an Art , Not a Science.* Over 75% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Evidence Based.* Over 99% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Science Based.* If Science Based Medicine is currently being given such Undue Eminence ; then it is only right and proper that Art Based Medicine should equally be given Appropriate Prominence too.__________________________________________________________________Media Profile | Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) | About__________________________________________________________________Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Fully Qualified (and Licensed) Medical Doctor , who currently serves as Director-General (DG) of IDPO.Doctor Obi is well known for his Charitable Clinical Activities , most especially in Developing Countries , where he often offers Free Medical Advice to Refugees , Orphans , Destitute Widows and Impoverished Pensioners.Apart from that , Professor Obi has previously (successfully) held the Exceedingly Devilish Position of Chief Political Strategist (CPS) of the Alternative Medicine Campaign ; in addition to countless other Highly Controversial Appointments.Joseph Chikelue Obi is also a Formidable Human Rights Activist , an Honorary Interfaith Bishop and a Firebrand Public Campaigner against Institutional Racism.His current website address is ; and his Extremely Cheeky Sense of Humour is Legendary.Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi is widely rumoured to (secretly) own a Flamboyant (Personal) Collection of Fabulous Vintage Hats !

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