Joseph Hindy

Apps Editor

Hello everyone, I'm Joe Hindy and I am a professional blogger.I am currently the Android Authority App Guy (apps editor) as well as a member of our stellar YouTube team and weekly podcast. You're probably here because you know me from that. If not, welcome!My interests vary greatly and include pretty much everything except sitting in traffic. And sometimes, if there's something good on the radio, even sitting in traffic isn't so bad.My current Android devices include the HTC One M9, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, the LG G Watch, and the Nexus 5. I also own the Xbox One and 360, a Nintendo 3DS, and a Sony PSP. I'm also a Fitbit owner. I have been a blogger since late 2011. I started on YouTube in 2013. I have a lot left to learn in both areas and all maturely presented feedback is welcome. Dat hair tho...

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