Marc Paul Rubin

Seaside, OR Principal Engineer, Jay's Island R&D

I welcome relevant, respectful, informed disagreement with open-minded folks in comments on my posts. It's appropriate IMO to follow up on linked subject matter before commenting.  Professional interests include (alphabetically): BCI (Brain Computer Interface), Digital Democracy, Electronic Outlining (using emacs Org-mode), Free Open Source Software (FOSS / FLOSS), FreeBSD, GTD (Getting Things Done, David Allen), Linux (Salix / Slackel / Slackware), Neurofeedback (NFB), OpenBSD, OpenEEG, OpenVIBE, Privacy / Security, Python, Software Development. ---"You Can #Quack That." Personal interests include 12-string guitar and 3D stereo photography (stereoscopy), among many others.  One sure way to get blocked: add trolling comments to my posts without reading the linked articles or viewing the videos.