MycKhal JeRome

Boston Song Writer/ Music Producer

Welcome to MJHmusik MJHmusik is an Indie Record Label, focusing on conscious reality/roots/dance hall music. We are just people who love music and love to make music and It's all about the people that write, sing and produce music. MJHmusik was launched in response to the increasing demand for conscious reality, roots, lovers rock and dance hall and gospel reggae music. The Internet as a medium lends itself well to this service due to its wide availability and the degree of anonymity for its users. aims to meet the need of music fans who expects a higher standards in terms of our musical content. It is our aim to provide the best original music and music production that we can. We hope that this medium will be a major source for good music and information. We believe that MJHmusik provides a fresh and engaging forum for our music fans and we are committed to offering the best value/service for your money. With the increasing demand for online music and with more people across the world with computers/internet access, what better place to showcase your talent and music. For more information on our music and artists, please visit Our music are grass roots based and will produce a renewed vibe in the reggae, reality, alternative, roots, dancehall world. Please check out our full length albums "The Press On Story, What An Experience, Accusation & I Will Share Your Burden". Note: We are always looking for new talents, as well collaboration opportunities with other producers/labels and artist. Please drop us an email for more information