Nika Jewell

Hinckley, Minnesota Food stuff

I'm me.  Punk, plaid and damn proud I'm still alive and mostly sane.I'm a trans*girl. Let's go a bit deeper, though.  I'm a femme leaning androgyne.  My favorite book hasn't been written yet.My favorite color is plaid.My favorite drink is blood.My favorite panties are in the wash.I like taking short walks off of long piers, drinking wine before its time, and fencing with used nuclear reactor damping rods.I have absolutely no sense of humor. I abhor the sound of laughter and the way a person's eyes light up when they laugh. Totally grody to the MAX!I like sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, humorous and dry.I'm a lapsed Pastafarian, but I still feel His Noodly Appendage.I'm a nerd, a geek, a big jerkface, and I think Betty White is sexy as hell. I love all of you except for you, the reader and that guy with the axe standing behind you.