Ninos Youkhana


I am an entrepreneur, and startup fanatic with dual degrees from DePaul University in E-Commerce Technology and Information Systems. By working in startup, Fortune 500, IT contracting, and government environments, I have gained invaluable domestic and global experience in software/product/website development, business operations, marketing, social media, team leadership, project management, knowledge transfer, customer service, and client relations. My passion for social networking led me to conceptualize, build, and launch a niche social networking site in 2009. In addition to self-financing the business, selecting the technology platform, and hiring a team of contractors, I created all of the branding, site content, YouTube demonstration videos, and help tutorials. I rolled out an innovative social media strategy and many original ideas for social interaction centering around Facebook marketing. My Facebook group has grown to 10K+ fans worldwide, and I invented a solution for them to easily access various users’ posts I began my IT career at Aon Service Corp and rapidly progressed to a Senior Programmer role with Accenture where I delivered solutions to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Walgreens, and other key clientele. I’m an exceptional communicator who served as a linguist, Iraqi culture/political adviser, and personal translator for the U.S. Army and U.S. Embassy. I traveled to 17+ countries and spent 5 years in Baghdad, Iraq on Secret Security Clearance contracts, one of which I was chosen from 20,000 candidates. In these roles, I provided translation services to 2/3/4-star Generals, Prime Ministers, and other high-ranking officials and trained them on computers. I wrote executive summaries, translated historical decisions and cabinet emergency meetings, monitored various media forms, and managed Local Nationals. For my contributions, leadership, and performance, I received the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal.