NUDE Microphones


My name is Hugh Covill and I sell NUDE microphones. I work in pro audio but not recording per se these days. Most of my work now is in consulting, acoustic modelling and project management. This has meant that I do a fair amount of OS travelling. I started to meet folks on trips that were manufacturers. Some of these folks were producing mics and I started collecting some of these offerings to add to my own collection. This has now burgeoned into a small cottage mic business. NUDE Microphones are hand-picked and measured microphones that I have selected direct from the manufacturing lines of Chinese and East European manufacturing plants prior to branding. Many of the microphones I offer are branded and on-sold by a range of companies with a significant markup. The advantage of buying NUDE microphones is that you are dealing direct with someone who loves microphones and has a vested interest in offering the best that the low-cost manufacturing plants have to offer.