Patrick Clark

Mishawaka, Indiana Musician

Hey my names Pat I was born in 85', which also coincides with the making of one of my favorite cars from that era, the Monte Carlo. I was born in Indiana and have lived here my entire life. As much I love being a Hoosier I do want to move somewhere else eventually. i'm currently out of school, but plan to go back soon to study POLY-SCI, then work towards my J.D.. I would love to be a lawyer and have ambitions of becoming a politician someday. As far as hobbies I'm a musician, I've played Trumpet for eighteen years, Guitar for eight, drums for six, and dabbled in Violin, and Harmonica. I also like to read and write, especially on topics which require a bit of research, and do a little fiction too. if you want to know more about me friend me on Facebook, and perhaps we'll talk.