Rachel B. Rubin

Brookline, MA I lead Spark Admissions. At Spark, we work with students and their families on the college preparation and application process to help students find, and get into, their top-choice colleges. 

Dr. Rubin is one of the world's leading experts in the field of college admissions.  For over seven years, Dr. Rubin has been working with students and their families to help applicants reach their college admission goals. Dr. Rubin has served on admissions committees at Harvard University and has first-hand knowledge of the admission process at selective universities.  In addition, she has conducted some of the most significant and comprehensive research to date on how elite U.S. colleges and universities make admissions decisions.  In 2012 Dr. Rubin's research received international media attention from outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME and CNN. Dr. Rubin is deeply committed to working with high school students to help them achieve their college admission goals. She has been providing college admissions consulting to high school students since 2007, and has been both a high school teacher and university faculty member.  Dr. Rubin's practical and research-based experiences make her exceptionally astute in determining which colleges will be a good match for students based on their academic credentials, interests and passions, as well as particular institutional needs. She is clear and effective in identifying what it takes to get accepted into the colleges that are the best fit for each individual student. Dr. Rubin is also an expert in brainstorming and editing college admissions essays.  With Dr. Rubin's guidance, students around the world have identified and been accepted into their top-choice colleges. Dr. Rubin holds a doctorate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she was a Presidential Scholar and received a full scholarship.  She lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and has three children.

  • College Admissions; Published most comprehensive study to date on how the 75 most-selective U
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  • colleges make admissions decisions
  • Received worldwide media attention for study in the Wall Stree Journal
  • CNN and TIME