Sasa Sieht

Marina di Sorso, Sardinia, Italy HERBALIFE INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR, PERSONAL WELLNESS-, SPORTS NUTRITION-, BUSINESS- & SELFNESS COACH, International Teamleader - Call USA: +1214 329 0702 Italia: +39- 346 24 52 282 Deutschland: +49- 5233 70 93 696

Hi, I'm Sasa from Germany, I live in Italy.I've been an INDEPENDENT HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTOR since 1994. I love travelling (I have been to 54 countries so far), my pets, nature, healthy nutrition, cooking international dishes, and many things more... I speak 5 languages (German, English, French, Italian and some Spanish). I'm looking for like-minded people for my international Herbalife TEAM, who posess the same attributes as myself:open- minded, ambitious, motivated, active, determined, success focussed, with a passion to help others to help themselves, overcome their self- imposed limits and LEAD A HEALTHY & WEALTHY LIFE!Welcome to contact me for more!SASAINDEPENDENT HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTORsince 1994 USA: +12143290702Italia: +393462452282Deutschland: +4952337093696Add me at Facebook:

  • I speak 4
  • 5 languages: German
  • English
  • Italian
  • French and some Spanish
  • Team Leader