Stefan Daniel Bell

Newport Beach, California future love | human designation x | by stefan daniel bell ( futrLUV | hdx by stefan ) | i am a musician, an avant garde couture fashion designer ( Japanese Victorian ), fine artist, painter, sculptor, awar

Name: Stefan Daniel Bell of Metacouture™Location: California, and where ever you log on...Website:™ The New Kind of News™ since 2010 | Arts & Culture | Music, Art, Fashion, Cinema...| New Media Content | Stefan Daniel BellStefan Daniel Bell of Metacouture™Additional Links Below• Metacouture is like a fabric in between what enthusiasts or fans call the entertainment industry. We call it work. Just like you.• The word celebrity means celebrated. Like Aaron A. Brooks said, "Bowie is famous." Art is anything done with intention and sincerity. Metacouture makes celebrated arts and culture content.• Metacouture is a tv station that is always on. A radio station you can see. A magazine with a new cover every day. Metacouture is the constantly new news in global arts and culture.• The chances you don't know music, cinema, art, fashion, or performance art done by an artist associated with metacouture are as small as you reading this on Mars in 2011.• Metacouture is not spam, porn, or fluff. Metacouture is as real as inspiration.• Metacouture is not your parents' entertainment. Metacouture lives in the life you bring to it by just tuning in.• Metacouture isn't here to demand anything but your attention. Dare to be inspired.• What if Arts and Culture were more important than fire? Or the wheel?, music, painting, sculpture, makeup, and hair styles all predate the widespread use of both. mmm...?• Metacouture lives in the reality that all art is made for You. We don't try to market what your soul already owns. Like all humans we bill for our time and skills.• The difference between good art and bad art is a boring arguement. Metacouture artists make art they Believe in. Metacouture Salon members lead by example.• Metacouture is more than a cool word for a salon."Do you dream when you dream? Do you dream in color? When your life sees red? Do you dream? When you dream? Dream!"~ Stefan Daniel Bell• Metacouture™ is... (Summary, Overview, History) "Metacouture™ is like a fabric in between what enthusiasts or fans call the entertainment industry." ~ stefan• The Story of Stefan Daniel Bell | Biography for people who need to be impressed Daniel Bell• "Biography of the Japanese Victorian Sasquatch, stefan daniel bell, x"• Overview and Summary• Resume and Work Offers• PR & Promotional Services love | human designation x | by stefan daniel bell( futrLUV | hdx by stefan ) daniel bell | founder of metacoutureGoogle Verified name profile: is the new kind of news in fashion, music, cinema, and arts & culture. metacouture™what is metacouture?...• arts• culture• music• fashion• art• consulting• development• promotion• production• studio• location• resourcing• mediaphilosophy• digital• analog• by hand• real• human• contentmetacouturean arts and culture salon represented by stefan daniel bellmetacouture and the artists it represents consistently produce cutting edge content with topic based relevance.metacouture is located in sonoma county, california. the word was coined by founder stefan daniel bell in 2005. started as a couture brand, it quickly grew to encorporate Stefan's fine art career. When Stefan started releasing music in 2008, he decided to let metacouture be his music label as well.metacouture™'s founder, stefan daniel bell 292-8229 @stefanbelltv show with stefan daniel bell in it"women on top" tv show about jodi jones with stefan daniel bell & his futuristic crocheted Japanese Victorian couture 2007! ~xshort film by stefan daniel bellCell Phone Paparazzi, a short film by Stefan Daniel Bell | -Parody of photo predator frenzy. Hope you like! ~xkeyword bio from birth to now...sustainabilityrilketaobuddhatibetindianepalbalishadow puppetsorganiccoastal farm oceanlifelustwantingpainting drawingsculpturedancepersiamaorikangaroopandakoalasilksatinlaceopenhumanhatsgloveslaughtertheatrebalkanvocaltraditionritualspiritualcyclesastronomystonehengefrenchgownscameoribbonmarblearticulationdetailspecificitycosmoshubblesingularityindividualitygreekhellenisticveritastruthwisdomancientpyramidsdreamscollective consciousjungthe mothergandhimythrealityjewelryphotographyconsciousnesslapis lazulimichelangelodavincivermeerleavesshellsfibonaccigolden meanmozartbachwell-temperedclassicsclassicalfaulknermarquezkeeseythe busbeatbohemianpantherslionsstallionseasternnetsukikimonokurosawaranlearshakespearebardsacapelahomerilliadodysseyjourneytravelinternalspeechphilosophyknowledgelearningself-learningauto-didactreadingsingingchantingslangjargonmirthspirttreesflowerscherry blossomsfloatingcurrenttidepoolssunsetsorchidsclearingsforestssonataspoemsfictionnon-fictionpermaculturebiodynamicshaikuteaceremonygrandminutegesturemannersetiquetteprotocolpassioninspirationgleeachievementacclaimservicemodernfuturistpost-modernearthairfirewatercloakdresscoatcloakedgesfibreherculesapollozeusmercuryartemishestiaatalantamedusavenusjusticelawplaystragedycomedydiptych