Stephanie Johnson

Phoenix, AZ, United States Creative Thinker

Scorn is white female rapper who wants to make a dent in hip hop as we know it today regarding what the white female emcee has to offer to the genre, in hopes of coining a new genre I call Substance Rap. Substance Rap is similar to Conscious Rap, however I am a white female therefore cannot be categorized in the genre known as Conscious Rap. I have a strong message to deliver therefore I refer to my music as Substance Rap.   My music will relate to the single mother, the broken hearted, the scorned and to the struggling dreamer; predominately reaching out to young girls, women and the dreamer... without necessarily catering to the male ego. My goal is speak upon my life experiences and aspirations from an angel that doesn’t degrade my womanhood. My ultimate goal is to touch young girls and women by creating music they can truly relate to and encourage them to dream awake; also to promote awareness that a new generations of white American’s have been bred, a breed that sees no color but sees into the soul of our neighbors and values the diversity within this country, promoting unity.   "Music is a vehicle, it drives marketing. That's what it do... those who enjoy creating it, continue to create because it calls you to, because music is timeless for those who listen to yours, but remember it's a vehicle for marketing... so don't get your hopes up on pipeline dreams, just do it because it liberates your soul." -SJ              

  • Rapper
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