Taylor Ryan

Charleston, SC Personal Trainer

After battling with my own body in my early 20s I have transformed my own lifestyle and found my passion in women's fitness. I have tried it all.... eating wrong, dieting wrong, working out wrong and more before I found what works and changed my life and became the head trainer and co-owner of the all women's site: Fit Women's Weekly... this is not just a training site, its a fitness community for women looking to get results, look their best and live a great lifestyle. The best all women's exercise programs and women's workout tips to get real results and get what we call "feminine ripped". No more frustration, I know it works not just because I see the results in my clients and the members of Fit Women's Weekly but also because I follow my own workout advice!I blog daily at Lifting Revolution. Make sure to check that out.I love pushing my body, trying new workouts and other than exercise my passion is cooking. My favorite dish? Homemade steamed mussels in wine sauce, grilled tuna and roasted asparagus!