Wanda Young

Scottsdale,Arizona Photographer, Coordinator for Bandon Cranberry Festival Exhibit and Competition, mom, volunteer, wife, and a general crazy pain in the ass....

I HATE writing about myself...just for your information..lol Ok...I've started a new grand adventure...starting with a divorce after 20 years....yep....my 19 year old daughter and I moved to Scottsdale, Az where she is attending college. We are having a blast and haven't been this happy in years!!! We love how beautiful it is in Arizona and can't wait to share new photos!!!!I lived on the Southern Oregon Coast, which makes it easy to be interested in Photography...I guess that's why I tend to spend my time exploring away from home... I LOVE landscape and travel photography, often I see photos taken by other photographers and say "I want to go there..."I'm not really into Portrait Photography, although for several years I was the only Photographer in town, so I opened up a studio, if only to prove to myself, that I wasn't meant to be a Portrait Photographer. I closed my studio this year so that I could focus on the type of Photography that I want to do...... I do have a secret tho...I will still do portraits...if they are odd, off the wall, crazy and a bit weird...so its just as well that you don't ask me to shoot your wedding. ROFL....I'm married to a Professional Golf Caddie<<<<< NOPE____NOT ANY MORE, and the mother of two amazing daughters....One is married to a Sgt in the Army...the other is  out of high school (THANK GOD). Then I'm out of here....heehee....actually we plan on doing more traveling...I'm just not sure if I'll be taking the hubby along....he's horrible to travel with. ;-)<<<<Nope!!!! Just us single girls now!!!